I’m Going to China

While I’d always had the sort of “back of my mind” thoughts about venturing to Asia, I had no concrete plans to do so. Being an Anglophile and having visited England twice in my life, the last trip which came in Fall 2014, I hope to go back within the next few years, and figured that my next intercontinental trip would likely be to the British Isles.

However, an innocuous Google search on a recent Friday changed all of that. As I do on many a day, I spent my lunch break scouring Google Flights to see what kind of deals were out there for this fall. After all, there’s something that I love about discovering incredibly low fares.

Looking at the map that Google Flights has, I found a few surprises. For one, flights to Asia were well below $1,000 round trip. Then I started messing around with the dates, and found that I could swing a trip to Asia this fall for less than $600. Yes, a round-trip ticket from Boston to Beijing in November was $569 on Delta, albeit with an overnight layover in DTW on the way over and an hour-long stop in the same airport on the way back. When I looked below, however, I saw that the same trip could be made nonstop on Hainan Airlines on a beautiful Boeing 787 for $659.

Much like I did when I decided spur-of-the-moment to book my trip to Norway, I decided to take the plunge, booking tickets that take me to China on November 5 and back on November 12. This time, my purchase was slightly less impulsive, as I slept on it before deciding to buy. Regardless, I knew that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go to China for such an incredible deal. To top it all off, I booked a one-night trip from Beijing to Chengdu (located in the Sichuan province, in the center of the country) and back on a China Southern A380, as the tickets were significantly cheaper than a transatlantic A380 roundtrip out of JFK (which is currently the closest airport to Boston with A380 service.) There’s still more than six months to go before I climb aboard the Hainan plane for the first time, but I’m already looking forward to it, and I genuinely can’t wait to see what it brings.