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Like many other aviation aficionados (fun fact: “Aviation Aficionado” was initially going to be the name of this site), I enjoy flying on a flight simulator. After using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 for a number of years, I bought a MacBook and, rather than using Boot Camp to run MSFS, I simply decided to purchase X-Plane 10. I really enjoyed for X-Plane for its incredible realism — particularly in the realism that the cockpits and flight dynamics featured, as well as the accuracy of the roads and landscapes are.

However, when my MacBook died after a number of years of service, I decided to give Microsoft Flight Simulator another try, and found that I really enjoyed it. As superior as X-Plane was in a number of respects, it was really nice to be able to talk to ATC again. Moreover, I really enjoyed being able to share the skies with AI traffic, as well as having the ability to create my own AI flights.

Much like my interests in real life, I enjoy transatlantic flights on my simulator. Ok, so perhaps I cheat a bit (takeoff at normal sim rate -> get up to FL300, speed up the sim -> descend and land at normal sim rate), but they’re still fun to undertake, especially with airports that have absolutely no business being connected, like Brunswick Executive Airport (KBXM) and Shannon, Ireland (EINN). Regardless, I figured I would upload some of the flights, sights, and local patterns (SIDs and stars, both real and fake) that I’ve undertaken on XP10. Most of you won’t find interest in this, but for those who do, I hope you get some entertainment out of it.

Boston Logan (KBOS)

Bangor (KBGR)

Brunswick Executive (KBXM)

Portland Jetport (KPWM)

Fictional Airports:

Southern Maine International (KPME)

Royal River Field (KRRF)

List of Maine TATL flights on FSX