Boston, MA (KBOS)

FSX Screenshots

Boston Logan (KBOS) – London Heathrow (EGLL) | BA744

BA212 lined up on Runway 33L.

This was the most fun FSX flight I’ve done to date, bar none. A redeye IFR from Logan to Heathrow on the POSKY 747-400 (RR), flying the CELTK4 departure from Runway 33L and landing Runway 27R. In real life, this is known as BA212, or “Speedbird 45 Bravo heavy,” and so it was cool to hear it referred to as such by the FSX ATC.

London Heathrow (EGLL) – Boston Logan (KBOS) | BA744

BAW213 - 4.PNG
BA213 shortly after taking off from Runway 27R.

This was a flight that was equally as fun as the aforementioned outbound leg. BA213, also known as “Speedbird 213 heavy,” is the early afternoon arrival in Boston, and I enjoyed recreating it with the POSKY 747-400 (RR).

Boston Logan (KBOS) – Oslo Gardermoen (ENGM) | DY788

A really nice approach into Gardermoen.

Took this flight on (pretty much) the same aircraft. Almost as picturesque as I remember.

Oslo Gardermoen (ENGM) – Boston Logan (KBOS) | DY788

The bird having returned to Logan.

While I enjoyed the flight over, having a daytime return flight was even better in my opinion.

Boston Logan (KBOS) – Beijing Capital (ZBAA) | HU788

A steep climb off of Runway 33L.

When I posted this in mid-October, I hadn’t yet had the pleasure of taking this flight. That said, it was a good precursor to the trip.

Beijing Capital (ZBAA) – Boston Logan (KBOS) | HU788

Coming into Logan.

Much like the outbound flight, I hadn’t yet gotten to fly on this particular flight. Even so, this was certainly a good way to round off my first TPAC sim trip.

Boston Logan (KBOS) – London Heathrow (EGLL) | BAA380

Much like the 747 flight above, waiting on Runway 33L.

This flight was flown in mid-October, around five months before BA began flying the A380 to Boston. Even so, it was fun to see the plane take off from Logan for the first time.

London Heathrow (EGLL) – Boston Logan (KBOS) | BAA380

Landing Runway 33L back at Logan.

The return flight of the maiden (sim) BA A380 trip, also flown around five months before the plane made its first scheduled trip to Boston. Personally I think the aesthetics of the Whalebus are a bit bleak, but the Speedmarque and that nice tail can make anything look good.

X-Plane 10 Screenshots

London Heathrow (EGLL) – Boston Logan (KBOS) | BA744

EGLL - KBOS as BAW213 Boeing 747-436 5-01-2015
It looks way more impressive when you put it like this.

BA213 on the default XP10 747-400. Took off of Runway 27L at Heathrow, flew low over the Maine coast, did a modified approach to Boston, and landed on Runway 33L.

Boston Logan (KBOS) – London Heathrow (EGLL) | BA744

KBOS - EGLL as BAW29G 747-436 5-1-15
See above caption.

BA238 on the default XP-10 747-400. Took off of Runway 33L at Logan, flew over Maine and the North Atlantic, landed on Runway 09L at Heathrow.

Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM) – Boston Logan (KBOS) | DLA333

Landing @ KBOS 22L DL125 from EHAM
Seems I came in a bit too high…landed Runway 22L eventually.

One of Boston’s noteworthy transatlantic routes, DL125 – as it is known in the winter – is operated by an A330-300. Used to be Northwest; would have loved to have seen those flights.

Munich (EDDM) – Boston Logan (KBOS) | LHA346

Landing @ KBOS from EDDM as LH424
Another Runway 22L landing.

The Lufthansa A340-600s are fun planes to see. A340-600s in general are fun planes to see, and much nicer than their younger brother A340-300s in my opinion.

Boston Logan (KBOS) – Oslo Gardermoen (ENGM) | DY788

KBOS - ENGM as NAX7142 788
Again, looks really impressive when you look at it like this.

Norwegian’s weekly flight from Boston to Oslo (DY7142) started April 1st, 2016. A week later, I flew that very flight to Norway’s capital city, which was also my first trip on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. A really cool aircraft, and this sim flight was nearly as awesome.

Boston Logan (KBOS) – Washington Reagan (KDCA) | AAA319

AAL2130 33LD BOS 319
Kind-of sort-of flying PATSS4 off of Runway 33L.

Had to do this to honor the flight that I saw my house from – AA2130. Departed off of Runway 33L, and even did the same river approach into DCA.

Charlotte Douglas (KCLT) – Boston Logan (KBOS) | AAA332

I had the privilege of flying both BOS-CLT and CLT-BOS on an American Airlines A330-200 – which proved to be an excellent, smooth ride – both on my way to and from Miami. As such, I flew the CLT-BOS leg on XP10.

Taking off from KCLT for KBOS on an AAL A332
Taking off from Runway 5.

Boston Logan (KBOS) – London Heathrow (EGLL) | AAA332

I’ll always prefer the real-life British Airways version of this route, but I thought it might be fun – given that American used to operate BOS-LHR and that I’d just flown domestically on the AA A330-200 – to try to fly both sectors with that aircraft. This is the way over.

The route over.

London Heathrow (EGLL) – Boston Logan (KBOS) | AAA332

After flying over, it was time to turn around and head back. Again, a relatively unevenful transatlantic (sim) flight.

The route back.