Brunswick, ME (KBXM)

Brunswick was the site of the closest airport to my home growing up. Known formerly as Brunswick NAS (KNHZ), Brunswick Executive Airport (KBXM) is still listed as KNHZ in FSX, so that’s why the FSX logbook entries display the old code. I believe there were a few charter movements that came in and out when transporting the troops, but I can’t verify what aircraft were used, or where they were originating from or flying to. Regardless, I enjoy flying TATL flights in and out of Brunswick on XP10 and FSX — it’s always fun to fly near where I grew up, particularly when coming from or going to Europe.

FSX Screenshots

Brunswick Executive (KBXM) – London Heathrow | BA744

Departed Runway 19L from Brunswick over the Harpswell Islands – Sebascodegan, Orrs, and Bailey – along Route 24.

This has to be one of my favorite flights to do on FSX. Depart Brunswick off of Runway 19L, swing out over the Harpswell Islands, and then bang a left to head up the coast on the way to Europe.

London Heathrow (EGLL) – Brunswick Executive (KBXM) | BA744

Much like the previous departure, this arrival flies over the Harpswell Islands before arriving on Runway 1R.

As majestic as the departure, the arrival into Brunswick over the water is also one of my favorite simulator flights.

Brunswick Executive (KBXM) – Shannon, Ireland (EINN) | P-3 Orion

The P-3 Orion waiting on Runway 1R for departure.

Just for nostalgia’s sake, I flew the Lockheed P-3 Orion, which was a mainstay at Brunswick NAS, on a transatlantic flight from Brunswick to Shannon. I even used the model with the VP-8 (formerly based at Brunswick NAS, now in Jacksonville, FL).

Shannon, Ireland (EINN) – Brunswick Executive (KBXM) | P-3 Orion

On final for Runway 1R in Brunswick.

I felt that I had to do the return flight. While the outbound flight was overnight, this flight took off from Shannon in the morning and arrived Brunswick during daylight hours.

X-Plane 10 Screenshots

Brunswick Executive (KBXM) – Shannon (EINN) | AA763

Departure from KBXM en route to EINN on an AA763
Departing KBXM for EINN on an American Airlines 767-300.

Flying off of Runway 19L to Shannon, this flight swings out into Casco Bay before turning to the northeast.

Manchester Ringway (EGCC) – Brunswick Executive (KBXM) | VS788

Landing @ KBXM arriving from EGCC operated by VS 788
Arriving KBXM from EGCC on a Virgin Atlantic 787-800.

Ok, so obviously Virgin doesn’t fly the 787-800 (only the 787-900). However, it’s still fun to fly a southerly approach into Brunswick arriving from Europe – buzzing Route 24 is a good time.

Brunswick Executive (KBXM) – London Stansted (EGSS) | BA788

Departure from KBXM en route to EGSS on a BA 788
Departing KBXM for EGSS on a British Airways 787-800.

Departing Runway 1R over Fatboy’s and then banging a right to parallel U.S. Route 1. It’s just like going Downeast for the weekend…except you keep going past Ellsworth…and Machias…and Lubec.

Brunswick Executive (KBXM) – London Gatwick (EGKK) | BA772

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 3.51.00 PM
Departing KBXM for EGKK on a British Airways 777-200.

The latest entry under “routes that would never happen in a million years.” Regardless, flying to Europe from Brunswick on XP10 is a fun thing to do, and this was a scenic departure off of Runway 19L flying by Sebascodegan Island, Orrs Island, and Bailey Island, as well as featuring views of Halfway Rock Light and Seguin Island Light (structures that I built in XP10. The banks in the flight pattern were mainly for scenic purposes).

Brunswick, ME (KBXM) – Manchester (EGCC) | AAA333

Departing KBXM along the Maine coast for EGCC in an AA A333
Flying along the Maine Coast out of KBXM bound for EGCC.

This one was a true “Maine Coast fly-by,” where I hugged Route 1 and the ocean for the majority of my time in U.S. airspace. Don’t care much for Manchester United or Manchester City, but I have relatives in that part of the U.K. so this was a fun flight.

Brunswick, ME (KBXM) – Blackpool (EGNH) | DLA333

Departing from KBXM en route to EGNH on a DL A333
Much like the FSX BA 744 flight above, departed Runway 19L from Brunswick over the Harpswell Islands – Sebascodegan, Orrs, and Bailey – along Route 24. Eventually turned back north towards Route 1.

I’ve always known of Blackpool Center, but had never known much of the airport. A nice evening departure from Brunswick off of Runway 19L, flew down the Harpswell Islands, and then back up to Route 1 for the rest of U.S. airspace like my previous BXM departure. Landed early AM at Blackpool on Runway 10, which measures just 6,132 feet; regardless, I was able to get the A330-300 stopped with room to spare.

Brunswick, ME (KBXM) – London Heathrow (EGLL) | VS744

Departing along Route 1 from BXM - VS744
The standard Runway 1R departure where I bang a right almost immediately after takeoff.

I’m not sure why I’d never tried 1. a 747 flight from BXM and 2. a flight to LHR. Maybe it was because I didn’t want to go and fly a completely unrealistic flight to one of my favorite airports, as I found the prospect of a BXM-LHR flight incredibly inauthentic (it still is). Regardless, I decided it would be fun to try flying a 747 out of BXM, and so I went forward with flying there and back (the latter flight is profiled directly below this one). In the end, they were two of the most fun simulator flights I’ve ever done, and I caught some great sights on both legs of the journey.

London Heathrow (EGLL) – Brunswick, ME (KBXM) | VS744

Harpswell Islands Visual - LHR-BXM - VS744.png
The “Harpswell Islands Visual” approach into Brunswick’s Runway 1R.

As I explained above, this was a long overdue flight, and the second of two legs between Brunswick and London flown by a 747. However, what I was most excited about was approaching Brunswick from the south over the Harpswell Islands, landing on Runway 1R. I have driven out Route 24 countless times to Land’s End on Bailey Island and have always thought of how cool it would be to see a wide body coming in low over the road on its way to landing at BXM. And while I don’t see that as being an incredibly realistic dream, I figured I could have some fun with the return from Heathrow and make it come true in XP10.

Brunswick, ME (KBXM) – Liverpool John Lennon (EGGP) | AA752

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 11.52.17 AM
A scenic departure off of Runway 19L and over Cundy’s Harbor and Popham Beach before heading out to sea.

After finally figuring out how to use the FMC and autopilot on the 757, I decided that the plane needed christening with a transatlantic route. An twilight departure from BXM was followed by a sunrise arrival at LPL.

Liverpool John Lennon (EGGP) – Brunswick, ME (KBXM) | AA752

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 5.31.54 PM.png
Much like the LHR-BXM flight, this AA 757 flight came in for a Runway 1R landing via the “Harpswell Islands Visual.”

While the return flight didn’t feature a sunset and a sunrise like the outbound leg, it was still a nice journey. The 757 is a fun plane to fly (both virtually and in real life, even if I can only attest to the former).