Southern Maine International (KPME)

Having decided that the Portland Jetport didn’t have a long enough runway at 7,200 feet, and assuming (totally joking) that Southern Maine will become a megapolis, I decided that the Greater Portland area needed a new airport. As such, I built – in XP10, of course – the Southern Maine International Airport in Saco, which, at 10 miles from Portland, was the closest place that had ample flat land that could be made into an airport using WorldEditor.

Here are the basics:

Runway 8R/26L – 9,118 feet x 135 feet
Runway 8L/26R – 4,119 feet x 135 feet
Runway 1/19 – 6,920 x 135 feet

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 9.34.43 PM
Here is where Southern Maine International – particularly its runways – would exist in the real world.

Obviously, 8R/26L is the primary runway of use for commercial traffic, while 8L/26R is mostly for general aviation traffic. 1/19, meanwhile, is primarily for when the winds are coming strong from the north or the south. Regardless, I was happy with the way it turned out, and operated two transatlantic Norwegian flights from the airport to christen it – the first to Shannon, the second to Dublin.


Southern Maine International (KPME) – Dublin (EIDW) | DY788

It seems that many airports that don’t have transatlantic service start with Dublin or Shannon as their first scheduled overseas destination. With that in mind, Portland-Dublin – especially considering the latter’s Norwegian presence – seemed like a good fit.